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We build, manage, and scale outbound campaigns to schedule more meetings and help you increase revenue.
Fractional SDR
Full Service SDR
SDR Packages
Full Service SDR
Average calls per day
Average emails per month
LinkedIn Automation
Data Sourcing
(1000-1500 contacts)
LevelUp Leads Tech Stack
Email Infrastructure - Deliverability Team
Unlimited Follow Ups
Check in Calls with Customer Success Manager
Management Team, Copywriter, Data
Researcher, and Email Deliverability Team
Daily Check in Calls
Activity Reporting
Lead Research
Account Nurturing
Deal Updates
Enhanced Product and Service Knowledge
Custom Training and Development
Strategic Involvement in Sales Planning
Company, Team, and Culture Integration
1 Cold Caller +$3500

+12 meetings

2 Cold Caller +$6500

+24 meetings

3 Cold Caller +$9750

+36 meetings

Not sure
which plan to choose?

If you’re still just testing the waters, then go with the Fractional SDR model.

Fractional SDR

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing solution that doesn’t cut corners, then go with the Full Service SDR model.

Full Service SDR

Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions?

What types of companies do you work with?

We have the ability to work with any company. We work across all industries and historically 60% of our client have been software-based and 40% have been service-based.

When was LevelUp Leads Founded?

The company was started in the middle of 2021.

What channels do you work with?

We run outbound campaigns via Email, LinkedIn, and Calling. We also offer SEO, Blog Posting, and LinkedIn Posting as other channels to generate new interested prospects. Some of the channels we recommend will depend on your company. We’ve found our clients who work multi-channel tend to see the best results long-term.

How does billing work?

We work off a pre-pay and require upfront monthly payments.

Where do you get leads from?

We pay for many tools to help with sourcing contact data. We also have a team of internal data researchers that help validate contact data based on your Ideal Customer Profile. We decide what tools and processes to create based on the campaigns we will be running together.

How long does it take to get started?

It typically takes about 7-10 days to launch after we have our onboarding call. The quicker we move and get things finalized, the quicker we can launch your campaigns. You are not charged for onboarding and your billing doesn’t start until we launch the first campaign.

How do you deal with Email Deliverability?

We have a dedicated Email Deliverability team that manages this. The help with getting the domains and email ID’s set up, setting up the email records, and warming up the domains before we launch. Once we launch they are monitoring this weekly and keeping us in the loop if we need to make any adjustments.

What is the commitment?

We work off recurring 3-month subscriptions.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, we send you a shared weekly stats report every week. We also give you access to the campaigns metrics in real-time for the Email and Linkedin campaigns.

How often do you have check-in calls with clients?

We have check-in calls every other week or we can talk as needed.

How do you communicate with clients?

We also set up Slack channels with your team and the LevelUp Leads team where we communicate daily. If you don’t have Slack, we can do Email or Microsoft teams, but Slack is preferred and where we find communication to work best.

How many campaigns can we run at a time?

We suggest starting with 1-2 campaigns and then adding more on once the others have been launched.

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