We targeted RIAs and smaller Turnkey Asset Managers through Cold Calling, Email, and LinkedIn campaigns to generate new pipeline and schedule more meetings for the client.

44 interested leads in 4 months, 137% KPI performance.


Interested Leads


KPI Performance


Interested Leads Per Month On Average



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ALLINDEX provides a platform for easy customization and efficient tax management of investment portfolios. Start from scratch or modify existing portfolios to match your unique values, without the need to build from the ground up.

Client’s challenges:

How it worked:

LevelUp Leads was given criteria based on the client’s Ideal Customer Profile. 

After discussing this with the client we targeted independent RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) and smaller TAMPS (turnkey asset management providers). We ran outbound Email LinkedIn and Cold Call campaigns to schedule meetings directly in our clients calendar.


LevelUp Leads generated 44 interested leads in 4 months through our Email, LinkedIn and Cold Call campaigns.

Interested Leads

in 4 months

KPI Performance
Interested Leads Per Month On Average
Emails Sent

Responses: 2.26%
Interested: 11

LinkedIn Sent

Interested: 5

Brian Groves
Brian GrovesBrian Groves VP of Marketing / Independent Consultant
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LevelUp is a reliable, involved, and thoughtful partner in the lead generation process. They ask detailed questions about the target audience and the goals of each campaign and then fine-tune the process to achieve the desired results (target audience research, campaign planning, creating name recognition, awareness, impressions, and leads). I not only recommend the LevelUp team - I have hired them twice (once in 2018, and again in 2022).
Amir Reiter
Amir ReiterCEO, CloudTask
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I wanted to see what the quality was like and after reviewing a short sample list and comparing the data, it’s clear that human validated leads are the best option. The LevelUp team built out a custom contact list and also added in custom fields we had asked for. They were professional and I’ve actually already given them some referrals myself.
Ryan Abramson
Ryan AbramsonVP of Sales, TryNow
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Data and leads are a mission critical element of our business and having someone we trust like John and his team is invaluable. What I love most is how communicative and open to feedback he is. All around great service.
Sean Barbera
Sean BarberaMarketing Director, Navigator Business Solutions
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LevelUpLeads has allowed us to enhance our outbound marketing efforts by providing curated contact lists and layering efficient email outreach into our demand-generation programs. As a result, we have been able to broaden our reach and amplify our activity without the need to increase our team size.
Uli Dendy
Uli DendyCEO, TrueLanguage
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TrueLanguage has been working with John Karsant of LevelUpLeads since early 2021. Since that time, John has collaborated closely with us to assist us with our business development efforts. He has been wonderfully proactive in his continuous evaluation of our processes and in the implementation of improvements to those processes. He has been most pleasant to work with and has continually demonstrated his readiness to go above and beyond. We recommend him for anyone who is looking to take their business development efforts to the next level.
Heather Ballachey
Heather BallacheyDirector of Marketing, Exponent Partners
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The team at LevelUp Leads reached out at a time when we were trying to increase our marketing database with a very specific and niche target audience. I have found them to be highly professional, great communicators, and they always deliver on time.
Chris Sparks
Chris SparksFounder and CEO, The Forcing Function
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The LevelUp Leads team does top quality work. They saved me time and took the weight off my shoulders by finding and validating all the leads my team needed.
Henry Ann
Henry AnnCOO & Americas Head of Business Development
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We were very surprised that LevelUp Leads was able to get responses from prospective clients and secured around 3-4 meetings a week, which is growing each month.

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LevelUp Leads acts as an extended part of your team to run outbound Email, LinkedIn or Cold Call campaigns to generate new opportunities for you. We do the hard part, you just need to move the interested leads through your sales process.

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